7 Reasons You Need A Pair Of Dumbbells At Home


Owning a pair of dumbbells is half the battle won if you’re aiming for a toned figure.

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Cardio is essential for getting rid of excess fat, but that’s not the only workout you need to do if you want to get fit. If you see people with an enviable, toned figure, it’s most likely that they are also strength training in addition to regular cardio. Don’t worry if you don’t have a gym membership but want to add some definition to your arms or legs. We promise that lifting weights will definitely not give you a hefty and bulky figure- in fact, it will tone you up in all the right places!

1. They can be used for a range of movements

Because these little but lethal pieces of iron can be carried in either hand, they can be used with various arm movements to tone your arms. Additionally, they can serve as extra weights while you carry out other strength training moves such as squats and lunges. Dumbbells can be easily used to work all of your muscle groups including your arms, chest, legs and glutes as well. 

2. They’re much smaller than gym machines

Dumbbells are fuss-free gym equipment that can easily be stored on a rack for strength training round the clock. Want to squeeze an express workout in the am before heading off to work? You don’t have to wake up 30 minutes earlier for your morning jog, 15 minutes of lifting weights ought to get you breaking a sweat just as good!

3. Can be used for targetted muscle groups

Dumbbells are fantastic in the sense that they can be used for a wide range of compound movements. You can easily build an entire workout circuit with a few moves that target your arms, chest, legs and back. It’s a foolproof workout that gets all your muscles working. Dumbbells are fantastic for carrying out isolated movements in problem areas like your arms or thighs. 

4. HIIT yourself out

The preconceived notion with dumbbells is that they can only be used to build muscles for strength training. If you’ve lifted weights before, you’ll know it only a few sets of weighted moves to get your heart racing to deliver oxygen to your muscles. Alternate your workout sets with short resting periods for high-intensity interval training that serves as a workout that continues burning fats throughout the day.

5. It accelerates fat loss

In addition to burning more calories throughout the day, lifting weights also build lean muscle. Lean muscle is necessary for increased fat loss as its presence coaxes a higher amount of fat burn. The more the muscles, the more fat your body will burn during resting periods!

6. Increases your bone health

The journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise has found out that weight-bearing physical activities improve your bone density, which is necessary to protect your bones from fractures in the future. So working out with the iron may be doing your bones good in the long term as well!

7. Improves stabilisation

Lifting a considerable amount of weight requires one to keep their balance as they carry out workout moves with an added weight. It tests your stabilisation, which means that you depend a lot on your core. So it’s definitely an added bonus that tests your stability and balance as well. 

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